Guy Fieri


I don’t know what it is with this dude. I don’t know what it is that makes people fuckin hate him. Maybe it’s his loud inside attitude, his dumpy tats, or Marshall Mathers haircut. I don’t know.
But I fucking dig him.
Now I have never stepped foot in any of his establishments, or tried any of his recipes, and probably never will. Shit looks weak. But still what is it making me be all like “fuck, I gotta hang with this dude”
I think he catches a lot of shit especially from big names chefs, just because he’s an average joe, and he’s fucking success. Triple D? Best fucking show going. Guy just drives around like a go hard fat guy eating everywhere, probably snagging up recipes to use for himself.
A lot of these big named chefs don’t have shit on guy, and I’d dare them to go toe to toe with this big boy.
 Bobby Flay, you would get your lisp knocked back to last Tuesday. 
Rachael Ray? Fuck you guy would challenge you no matter what weight class you’re in that week.
So I don’t know. Maybe it’s just that I can relate to Guy with his shitty tattoos and his I’m just gonna cook some average shit and idiots will dig it.
Fuck yeah. Guy Fieri for the fuckin win.

3 thoughts on “Guy Fieri”

      1. Agree. Hes an old has been, who’s used sarcasm and an earring to look cool….as he goes thru midlife crisis. Now he’s simply paid to travel around eating other people’s food and run his mouth off about it. Which, btw, is one thing he IS good at. I don’t care & never did about #AnthonyBourdain but…I was disappointed that #EricRipert hangs with him. I liked that guy. Guess Bored-aine talked enough shyt to win over a foreigner?

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