Little Caesars Pizza

I wanna talk about some shitty shit. The top of the shit chain shit. There exists a pizza in this world that sucks the most amount of dicks. That pizza…is Little Caesars.


Now, some might argue with me, and say “yeah but you cant beat a pizza for 5 bucks thats ready to go when you get there”. Fuck you. Here’s a list of shit you can get with 5 bucks:

-a box of rubbers to jerk off into

-5 double cheesburgers with extra pickles and onions

-2 OE forties and a slim jim or two

You can see where this is fucking going. Anyone who eats this garbage like its no big deal is a fucking idiot.



The fact that this place is in business really shows me that there is no hope for the human race. The best thing you can do with this garbage piece of shit, is to light it on fire.


Now, I know some of you are probably saying “well you hate this pizza so much, but you gave your money to buy one”. Again, Fuck you. This is about more than giving my money to this company. This is about pride, honor, and respect for the real pizza joints across the globe doing it right. Don’t try to argue with me and tell me yeah but they aren’t that bad when you’re shitfaced or something…wrong..still fucking garbage. Have a little respect for yourself, stop at a gas station atleast and get a stouffers french bread pizza or some shit, thats some shit i can back


8 thoughts on “Little Caesars Pizza”

  1. I am a franchisee from canada and you sound like an uneducated fool. We make all our dough and sauce fresh everyday never frozen and cut fresh toppings everyday. Have fun getting ripped off for you $25 large pizza u mook. So go $uck a big fat dįck

  2. Dank this stupid ass website this is the most stupidest shit and worst fucking website I’ve seen u don’t really know pizza and you need to go back to school you cocksucker I can’t even understand what you’re saying you can go waste your money

  3. Lol where the fuck you find a double cheese burger with extra shit on it for $1? Hey I noticed you have small fingers. You know what they say about people with small hands lmfao small dick kid mad at the world

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