McDonalds to add chicken wings

Now, as a seasoned fat fuck, I’m not really sure how I feel about this. I mean I’m a go hard Micky D’s guy all fuckin day. Double cheeseburger, extra pickles, extra onions.
I haven’t really been upset about any recent things the big MD has done lately besides the McCafe. McDonald’s, you’re greasy, lets fuckin keep it that way, and no, I wasn’t a participant of when they had hot dogs or pizza, I was small as fuck then and hated cheeseburgers.

I think Ronald and the crew will pull this off successfully. I believe this, because in my town, there are about 20 places I can get wings, and 21 of them fucking suck at it.


McDonald’s already has the hardest part of the wing game on fucking lock. The sauces. Sweet and sour, chipotle BBQ, fucking sweet chili.


The stars are aligned here folks, this is fucking fail-proof

They are going to be available  in 3, 5, or 10 packs, so you can get fat as fuck on multiple levels. I can’t wait to try the fuck out of them sometime in rollout is Sept. 9 and should be in all locations by the 24th. Fuck yeah

Finally got my hands on some of these fuckers and I was right. Money. They’re spicy and crunchy and not skimped out on chicken. My only complaint is I need a bigger dip packet for shits sake.


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