Top 5 hottest chefs in the game

If you are thinking you’re going to catch Rachael Ray on this list, make your way over to instead. These are the hottest of the hot. Top notch smokers. A feast for your eyes and mouths.

5.Marcela Valladolid


Who doesnt like a nice and hot Mexican American. Marcela rocks it. Mid 30’s and a stone cold fox. Like a Good girl Sofia Vergara. Who doesn’t love themselves a drunken fuckin’ pile of mexican food. Thats the drunk food i was raised on. Fuckin drunk off Busch lights, tacos, gas station burritos.

4.Padma Lakshmi


Because who doesn’t love a dirty girl who loves a dirty burger. 43. Let that sink in. 43 fucking years old. Padma is the shit. Just hot as fuck giving zero fucks. almost 6 feet tall just a fuckin tower of beauty, and to top it all off, she can fuckin throw down in the kitchen with the best of them. Not just cook, exotic cooking. Fuckin stuff from other countries. That shit is hot. Two thumbs up for Padma.

3.Nadia G


Ill be honest, I used to hate this chick. Couldn’t stand her. Couldn’t stand her show. She’s Canadian, so out of respect I gave her a second chance. Im all in. Started checkin more into her cooking and recipes…girls got it down. Cooks like a man, fuckin talks like a sailor, and is a fuckin Canadian Smoke bomb. Yeah she’s a loud inside, and i fuckin dig it. I gotta chill with this chick and get greasy like us Canadians do. I need her to show me some shit to step up my kitchen game, because sometimes, I lose my grip in the kitch, and start making salads and grilling veggies and shit. No one needs that.

2.Giada De Laurentiis

giada2 Giada-deLaurentiis-hot-dog-eating-celebs-TODAYshow-580x435

We all saw this coming. Now, I could give a fuck less about Italian food. Shits boring. Pasta, sauces, chicken this, chicken that, whatever the fuck ever. She’s another one. 43 Fuckin’ years hot. Not just hot, hot and she fuckin’ knows it. I see you on the Today show girl, do your thing. You know what I love about G, every time she takes a bite of something, she leans over ever so slightly to let the girls hang out a bit, she knows what she’s doing. She has an arsenal of cookbooks, and has done a million cooking shows. She’s here to show the cooking world she’s fuckin’ hot and she’s here to cook some fuckin’ pastas.

1.Chuck Hughes


Fuckin’ Chuck. In for the fuckin’ win. Chuck is the man. A dirty goofy lookin’ Canadian with fuckin’ tats, just like myself. One of the proudest things about Chuck, is he fuckin’ smashed Bobby Flay on Iron chef, and made himself the youngest Canadian to do that shit. Don’t let his goofball attitude fuckin’ fool you, this cat can cook, and his TV shows are fuckin’ great. Chucks day off? Shows fuckin’ money. Kid can cook. Sometimes he cooks a little greasy shit, sometimes he cooks some classy shit. I dig that. I have to do the same shit for my lady. Chucks Eat the Street? HELL YEAH. Another great show. ┬áTheres a million travel/cooking shows and these assholes always go to the same fuckin’ places. I don’t give a fuck about voodoo doughnuts anymore, i’m fucking over it. Chucks gets off the beaten path. Gets down and dirty and finds the good shit. On top of all that, playboy looks like he’s an animal in the sack.

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