Dunkin Donuts new Steak and Cheese wraps.


Now here’s a place where consistency is just right out the fuckin door. These people could fuck up a wet dream. It doesn’t matter what you get here, it’s never the same twice, and for some reason, people just gotta have this shit every day. Your coffee is either going to taste like shit, or it’s going to taste like dick. Your bagel with have a cock-hairs worth of cream cheese, or it will have enough to sink a ship. As far as America running in Dunkin, that’s complete horse shit. As soon as you’re our of the northeast this place is no where to be found.

We’re here to talk about the new steak and cheese wraps. I went into this thinking these things would taste like a pile of shit, but I was wrong. They’re actually not bad. They have ranch, or BBQ, because who doesn’t like fucking options. Now I was expecting maybe some shredded beef, like a Philly style, but they just use those poor excuse for a steak meat pucks, but they don’t taste to bad. The cheese is nice and sharp, almost like a Vermont sharp cheddar, so that’s fucking cool.

My personal fav was the BBQ. The BBQ sauce was nice and sweet, and reminded me of a Sweet Baby Rays sauce, so naturally, I was fucking down with it.

Other than that these things are pretty basic. Shitty little wrap with some dirty beef, cheese, and sauce. It was about 7 bucks for two of these bitches, seems a little fucky to me, but hey, filled my fat ass up for a few hours so I guess I can’t really complain.

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