Sprite a hangover cure?


Fuck that.

So a bunch of scientist or whatever did a test with 200+ drinks and blah blah blah and sprite came out on top. I think it was about a week ago when I heard about this bullshit.

Now, I love sprite. Who doesn’t? Lemon, lime, fizz, that sexy green bottle, tastes great with almost any brand of booze in it, but curing a hangover? Give me a fucking break. I put this little experiment to the test. 4 days in a row. Nothin. You know what did work? Putting about 4 shots of cheap vodka in the sprite and then quenching my thirst.

You want to get a bunch of assholes in a room, probably waste a billion dollars on trying to find a cure for a hangover, that’s fine. You could have asked me. I wouldn’t have even charged. You know what cures a hangover? 5 chalupas from TB and a bottle of Powerade before bed. If that shit don’t work, start drinking the minute you wake up.

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