Picky eaters and Beer snobs


Is there any type of person more annoying than one of these types of people? Fuck no.

I’m not talking about someone who just flat out doesn’t like a certain type of food. German food. Shits gross. Schnitzel and schnoutzle, I’d rather eat some shit out of a snout.

What I’m talking about here is like a 40 year old man who won’t eat a slice of pizza if there is onions on it, even if those shits were picked off for this pizza snob.

I’ve said it before. Go to a third world country and track down some picky eaters, ain’t gonna be any. If they can get it into their mouths, they’ll eat the fuck out of it. Fuckin’ sandcastle sandwich with BBQ sauce, a bunch of smashed rocks, soda can tabs, you name it.

I know this is America and we have our freedoms and shit, but do we really have to act like cocksuckers over a little food or beer?

Now, when I say beer snob, I’m not talking about beer sniffers or cats who really know their shit about brews and hops and that whole jam. I’m talkin about the dude that comes to your crib and denies a Busch Light because he’s too fucking cool.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for picking up a 12 pack or a case of a nice IPA and getting drunk like a real American, but let’s face it, sometimes the cheese in my wallet doesn’t agree with that kind of purchase, and whispers “30 pack of Busch lattes bro, let’s get high school drunk”

All I’m really asking of everyone, is to just filter these mother fuckers right out of your life. Come to my house tellin’ me you don’t drink Budweiser and don’t like wavy potato chips, fuck outta here with your ass.

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