Sauce Review: Jesses Hot Sauce


Every now and then a sauce comes around that’s a complete game changer. Flavor and fire. A sauce, thats got some fricken balls.

That’s tough as shit in the sauce game. There’s millions out there. Some are alright, but most like Siracha…are just dog shit. Yeah, Siracha is gross, piss off.

Not the case with Jesses Hot Sauce.

I recently had the pleasure of receiving a sample of all 4 of these killer sauces, And the pleasure of shooting a few emails to get the whole scoop on these bad ass mother fuggers.

First things first, go give a follow to Jesse’s Hot Sauce on twitter, instagram, and Facebook. Keep up with what’s going on over at their hot sauce camp.

The first sauce I had a whack at was the Habenero Lime.


The only problem I had with the sauces, was what sauce was I going to put on what food…to stuff into my fat mouth.

I just figured as a fat ass whose constantly eating, that every time I ate I would try a different one.

So, I put this bad ass shit in some tomato soup and on a few lentil chips.

Right out of the gate, the heat is right there with a hint of lime. Not an over powering lime because that would have turned my tomato soup into a tomato shit. The heat doesn’t stick around for too long, and that’s a good thing. It forces you to WANT to keep eating whatever you put it on. With the heat comes that great fruity habanero taste. A lot of cats don’t get this. “How can you taste habenero? It’s just too hot!”
Not when it’s done right folks, and that’s what’s going on here.

The second sauce I stabbed at was the Salsa Verde.


Personally, I love salsa verde and any kind of green hot sauce. Something about green sauce just makes me happy as shit. It’s a completely different flavor and heat than the habenero lime. This sauce is great for someone who doesn’t like the grub on their plate too spicy. I put this shit right on my rice this time around. I fuckin’ love rice and hot sauce. Shits a winning combo every time.

Personally, I like verde’s in chowders. This shit would be great on tacos, burritos, and nachos. Basically anything that might have a little heat to it already and you are just looking to enhance the shit out I the flavor. That’s what this sauce is rockin’ right here. This bad bear is a freight train to flavor town players.

The third sauce, was Jesse’s Original XXX.


I wasn’t fuckin’ around with this one. Right on a spoon and right in my mouth.


Without the acidity from the lime cutting through the pepper and spice flavor, I really got some kick ass flavors out of this. The heat is perfect, just enough to get a light sweat on. The habanero really cuts through here, like your eating a habanero salad or some shit. This would have been great in a chili or on some eggs, but all I had was a spoon and my pie hole.

And lastly, Jesses XXXXX


Pretty much the same flavor profile as the XXX just with more heat. That great habanero taste is still there with just a little more nut. This shit made it’s way right into my Progresso minestrone soup, and I don’t think I could have had a better sauce. Heated me up right on this cold ass New England night.

At the end of the day, there isn’t a bad thing to be said about Jesses Hot Sauces. You would have to be a real asshole to not enjoy one of these kick ass sauces. I’d put this shit on an old shoe and go to fuckin’ town.

Again, big thanks to Jesse for the hookup, can’t wait to dump these sauces on everything I eat.

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