Big Mac vs. Big King


We’ve got a classic burger battle here folks. A classic case of who dunnit better. McDonald’s shitty excuse for a burger, or Burger King’s flame broiled piece of shit burger. Do people even order Big Mac’s anymore? What’s so special about this shit? A shitty burger with shitty sauce and a soggy bun in the middle. I fucking hate burgers with bread in the middle. Basically a club sandwich, and club sandwiches fucking bite. Cool you’ve just made a sandwich that’s a real pain the the dick to eat.

We’re here to find out which one of these takes the cake.

The Big Mac.


This thing just looks like a real prick to be had. Mac sauce. Fuck Mac sauce. How are you going to mix ketchup and mayonnaise and call it Mac sauce? It ain’t Mac sauce, all you’ve gone and done is make ketchup for fat fucks. To top it all off this thing tastes like a shit. Now I don’t know what a shit tastes like, but every now and then you get that fart that you can pretty much taste. McDonalds has gone and replicated that taste perfectly in this shit sandwich. I’m a Micky D guy all day. Fries, nuggets, and double cheese burgs, but this thing is the fuckin pits. Fuck a Big Mac.

The Big King.


Just look at this thing. Look at the vivid colors. That shit ain’t no filter. Is a burger with this coloring even safe to eat? Who gives a fuck about safety this giant laxative tastes like a wet sock. BK has managed to take its competitors shitty ass burger, and double the reading on the shit-o-meter. BK probably could have saved it with with some bacon or maybe a better sauce, but nope. They drove this bitch straight down Suck Ass St. And crashed right into a fuckin’ toilet. I ain’t a BK guy. Yeah I have some respect for the whopper family and maybe a rodeo burger, but The Big King is a Big Shit.

The end result of this shitty burger battle is that both these pieces of shit are all tied up. Both equally at the bottom of the suck scale. I’d like to maybe say McDonalds takes the win just because it’s their signature shit stack…but fuck that. I can’t give the win to BK because they’re a bunch of unoriginal shitty burger stealing fucktards. So a draw it is. Fuck both these burgers, in going to Wendy’s.

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