Poor Bastards Lunchbox: Ramen Chicken Nugget Alfredo

Sup bro? You a kitchen choke artist? Or maybe just a fuckin bum? Lets step up your game. This shit is real easy player and only costs about 10 bucks to make. If you don’t have a few bags of stray ramen noodles kickin’ around you’re seriously fuckin up hard.


All you need for this shit is 4 packs of ramen, bottle of Alfredo, package of chicken nuggets or some other chicken ass shit, and some broccoli.


First thing you’re gonna do here is get those noodles into some fuckin bath water.


Next toss some broccoli right in with the noodles.


Don’t throw those flavor packets away either honky, those shirts are packed with all sorts of flavors to enhance your shitty ass fuckin meal.

IMG_1365 IMG_1367 IMG_1366

When the noodles are all softened up…you know what if you don’t know how to cook ramen noodles go fuck yourself.


After you strain the fuck outta them, return them to the pot on medium heat and toss in your chicken the fuck nuggets


Jar of alfredo, heat, and eat. Fuck yeah.

IMG_1371 IMG_1372 IMG_1375

12 thoughts on “Poor Bastards Lunchbox: Ramen Chicken Nugget Alfredo”

  1. Ha this actually made me laugh out loud, I say laugh, it was more of a wheeze having snorted up all those flavour packets like Leonardo. But it does look like amazing hangover noms hehe hi-five, liked A LOT

  2. Ha no dude THANK YOU for showing me that in the States you can get cheese in a can which says “no trans fat” as if that’s the main thing you should worry about when you’re eating soupy can cheese 😀 How did I miss that shiz when I’ve been in the US?! I’m devastated! Oh n the picky eaters and beer snobs post is soooo frickin’ true!

  3. I have to show this to my husband. He could make this shit for our kid while I’m out traveling for work. Except we roll with Star Wars characters.

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