Poor Bastards Lunchbox: Beefaroni Stew




This is a real easy one for all you culinary fuck ups. Few cans of this, few cans of that, a crock pot, and a common love for all things Chef Boyardee. The only thing I didn’t use here that I would change next time, is a packet of brown gravy mix or stew seasoning. Just to kick things up a fuckin’ notch.


All you’re gonna need is two cans of Beefaroni. I grabbed two whole grain cans because that shit was on sale and who really gives two fucks.





The only other canned shit you will need, is a can of veggies, and some canned potatoes. I went with peas and carrots because that shit is great. You can grab whatever, but peas and carrots is the fuckin’ way to go.





Lastly, you’re going to need some fucking meat. Typically a grocery store will have some beef labeled “STEW BEEF” or some shit. If they don’t, just get a London Broil or some other pile of shit and chop that bitch up.





Lastly, the hardest part.

Dump all of this shit into a crockpot, set that bitch on low for a good 8 hours. This is perfect because it gives you plenty of time to get real fucked up day drinking and then stuff your fat fucking face.


IMG_1382 IMG_1383

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