Gas Station Burrito Doritos Chili Dip


So you got all fucked up last night on Jager and fireball. You’re supposed to bring some shitty taco dip to some shitty function. Problem is you slept in and now you’re fuckin late with no dip.

Don’t worry, I got you bro. All you need for this shit is a few shitty gas station burritos, some cheese, chips, chili, and a fuckin can do attitude.






This shit is so easy and quick to make I recommend you do this shit right at the gas station. Get some fuckin heads turnin’ and some eyes on you. You’re running the gas station shit-food showdown.

Start by spreading your cheese paste all over the bottom of a pan.


Next your going to surgically extract the burrito innards. Sprinkle that magic meat dust over your processed cheese pond.


Switch shit up, get a few different kinds if they are available, who really gives a shit, no one at the party will know that you were going HAM the night before and were too fucked up to make a real dish.

Top that shit with some shitty canned chili. This shit is easier to work with heated up.


The last two layers, hit that shit with some shredded ass cheese, and some god damn doritos.



When you show up to your shitty party, say things like “yeah…325 for 20 mins” and “yeah it’s a triple cheese fiesta dip”. Mother fuckers will think you have your shit together.

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