911 Burgers and Dogs


Theres a place down the street from the city that created Basketball, and up the river from the city that created Volleyball.  It lies at the root of The Pioneer Valley. It’s a burger joint that’s been shoveling out classic burgers and dogs for more than 30 years

That burger joint Is 911 Burgers and Dogs, in Agawam MA.


911 is a small burger shack slinging out some big flavors and “rescuing appetites”. The place only seats about 15 customers on the inside. It has plenty of room outside for grubbin’ down when the weathers right. I have to tell ya I’ve never been to 911 when there wasn’t a few other customers there munching down. The place is constantly serving someone up something great.


The menu is pretty simple. Amongst other things, the burgers and dogs are the real stars of the show here. The Owners are some of the nicest folks this side of the state which has probably been a huge key to their success…and did I mention the food is delicious?!

The burgers aren’t made of some high quality beef. They aren’t prepared in some amazingly over the top process. They’re pre packaged patties from a local butcher shop. Grilled on a flat top with a little salt, pepper and served up with your fixin’s.

A few stars of the menu are:

-The Cheeseburger special

-The “Bomber”

-The chili

-And the Breakfast Sandwiches

The Cheeseburger Special


Lettuce, tomato, and mayo. This thing is packed with fresh flavors. It’s almost to the point where everything but the burger patty itself is the focus here. The tomatoes are out of this world fresh.In the Valley Food Championship Burger Battle, 911 actually took a win for best tomatoes on a burger, along with a spot in the top 10 burger places in the valley The lettuce, green, crisp, and flavorful. What more could you ask from lettuce? The bun is toasted just right. A little crunch to it with a soft inside

The chili


The fact that there are no chili competition awards hanging up in here baffles me. This chili is perfect. A real thick and hearty chili with tons a flavor. It’s almost a chili pudding that’s how thick it is. This stuff is great by itself, and even better on a burger or dog.



The name alone lets your know you stepping into something serious. This thing has turned boys into men. It has forever changed the belt sizes of its repeat customers.  The BOMBER is a double patty parade stuffed inside a fluffy 12 inch grinder roll, topped with chili and cheese.  There really isn’t much more to be said about this thing. You’re either a fan of it…or you’re wrong.

The Breakfast Sandwiches.


You know what’s great? A place that’s open early to give you some great fuel for your daily fire. The breakfast sandwiches here are great. Served on the same delicious buns they use for the burgers. Two eggs, cheese, your choice of kielbasa, sausage, ham, or Canadian bacon. Normally, I might be upset about the fact that there is no classic bacon. But there is Canadian bacon, and that’s damn fine with me. These bad boy sandwiches are a great way to start your day. Serve one up with a side of the fresh sliced “grill fries”, and call it a day.


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