Yuengling’s Triumphant Return to Massachusetts. (2014)



Well folks, it’s official. D.G. Yuengling & Son, Inc. is slated for a March 2014 return to shelves across The Commonwealth.

For those of you who don’t know a fuck of a thing about Yuengling, it’s a decent lager brewed in PA. Yuengling was pulled from this great state in the early 90’s due to high demand. The small brewery could not keep up with the level of Masshole alcoholism at the time. Yuengling is kind of like Bud Lights older shitty brother, and Budweiser’s younger smoke show sister. It ain’t that cool, but it’s pretty fuckin’ cool. Some people will go a little too fuckin crazy for it, while other beer snobs and wags will shit all over it.

The best thing about Yuengling as of right now, is that it ain’t fuckin’ available here. There I said it. I used to love getting out of state and getting my hands on some. Maybe come back home with a few cases for your bro’s and your guys to get hard over. Now, that shits gonna be packed up between Sam Adams and Heineken with a fuckin $14.99 price tag on a twelver.

I’ll be honest, I’m just excited as the next guy to pick some up when it hits stores in March.

I’ll also be honest and say I’ll probably buy it for a week and then jump back to shitty Busch Lights like everyone else.



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