Fast food war with the elderly

“A Burger King in Manchester, N.H. is reportedly cracking down on a group of elderly women who park in its lot once a month so they can take day-long bus trips to Boston.
The 14 ladies returned from their most recent trip Friday to find their cars loaded onto a tow truck, The Consumerist reports via the New Hampshire Union Leader.” – Business Insider

“A McDonald’s in Queens is warring with a group of Korean senior citizens who hang out and gossip in the restaurant all day long, The New York Times reports. The group usually arrives at the restaurant before 5 a.m. and sticks around until after dark. Store management complains that they are taking tables from paying customers without even ordering so much as a Big Mac. ” – Business Insider

As I’ve mentioned before, the last place old people need to be is out in public with people who are trying to get shit done. Human roadblocks. These fossils should only be found in nursing homes, museums, and coffins.

In the first story, we have a classic story line from Golden Girls. A group of silver foxes take a day trip to Boston like its a good idea. I can already see these ladies knick-knacking and bargain shopping through Beantown. Causing an issue in every Macy’s and Market Basket they step foot into. Smelling like a herd of perfume soaked cats. We aren’t here to focus on these fossils day parade through the city. The real problem here is that these day walking Abraham Lincoln voters are getting into vehicles and pin balling through town to meet at a public place. That’s the real danger here folks. The way I see it, having their cars towed probably saved a few lives. It’s bad enough these ancient artifacts get all the good parking spots, now they want all the parking spots. Fuck that. You’re fucking with my rodeo burger.

In the second story we have a real mind fuck. This is the second time in just  a week I’ve heard about Koreans causing issues at a McDonalds. A group of Korean men hanging out at a McDonalds from five in the morning until after dark. This is on so many different levels of “fuck off” it’s not even funny. Listening to one Korean person is funny. Listening to a group of grown men mix up their L’s and R’s is a god damn shit storm. Listen if you’re old and want to hang out with your jumble jaw buddies and drink free coffee, go to the senior center and do a few puzzles. Hit the YMCA and take part in an all mens senior water yoga class or some bullshit. Maybe stop in at a local VFW and try to hang out. Don’t fuck with people who are trying to get their BigMac on.

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