So Lays “Do Us A Flavor” is back…

Now I’m not really sure if people are fucking idiots, or people are fucking idiots. The “Lays Do Us a Flavor” competition is back again this year offering up the chance for chip lovers around the world a chance to win $1 million in cold hard cash. The problem is, this competition is a great time for idiots alike to shine. Im sure some of the flavors are just someone just having a fuckoff fest, but some of these are serious. Someone sat around and said “Man, a potato chip that tastes like an old coffee stain would be great!”


Anyways, I poked around on the site after submitting a few flavors of my own (Banh Mi, Jalapeño Popper, and Keg Beer) and I saved some of the biggest piles of shit I found.

Here is what I ran into.



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