Taco Bell to introduce new drink flavors


When it comes to restaurants partnering up with other companies to create unique fast food menu items, Taco Bell is standing on top of “Don’t fuck with us mountian” holding a flag that says “Kneel and kiss the fuckin’ dirt bro”

The Doritos Locos Tacos are quite possibly the biggest hit in fast food history. 100 million sold in about 10 weeks.

With stats like that it’s no wonder The Bell would expand on this…but who saw the drink selection upgrade coming?

“We asked ourselves: Why can’t we make our beverages as crave-able as our food?” says Chris Brandt, chief marketing officer. “That’s been our mission for the past 18 months.”

TB plans to add Mountain Dew Sangrita, Sobe Yumberry Pomegranate, Manzanita Sol, Brisk Mango and Half&half iced teas, and diet Baja Blast to the drink selections.

If those flavors don’t scream “dump alcohol in me” I don’t know what does. Mountain Dew is huge. Kids love it. Adults love it. Three Olives loved it so much they thought they should create an English Vodka that tastes just like it.

I stopped in my local Tbell to see if the flavors were available, they were not, so 6 orders of fiesta potatoes it was.

I’d love to hear from anyone whose tried any of these new flavors and I will update as soon as I get my grubby Canadian paws on them.

10 thoughts on “Taco Bell to introduce new drink flavors”

  1. Working from left to right: the sobe drink is really dependent on the person, for its about half sobe half water and i personally don’t enjoy that combination. the yum in yumberry is there because the berry isn’t strong or specific but has a sugary undertone, and the pomegranate feels pretty standard to expectations when taking into consideration the last 3 details i explained. baja blast is a drink i would rather go to when i’m feeling too thirsty for the average soda. i’m not sure if its from being less sugary, but i would definitely take it over regular mountain dew after downing 200% of my daily sodium intake in one meal. if you’ve had baja blast, and who hasn’t, then you can imagine sangrita blast. the name provides more than i can add, but personally i didn’t enjoy the coming together of the two. the manzanita sol is basically a caffeinated apple soda, the combination of sugary and fizzy and appley are not for me but it is for some. the iced tea mango has a bland, artificial mango flavor mixed in with a bit watered down flavored iced tea yet the ratio of tea to mango makes the mango act more as a lemon is in water. i prefer the half and half lemonade much more, for that is more true to the name, and i personally need a taste equal in weight to tea if i’m having any tea at all. The TB by me has baja blast, diet which i didn’t bother trying, and half and half lemonade. So the new flavors came out, I took a sip of the yumberry figuring i’ll just fill the cup either way, dumped it out, repeated with the sangrita blast, and then got the iced tea mango, didn’t try it, and brought it out to the car. took one sip and wished i hadn’t bothered with any of the new flavors. i’d take them after any other drink TB already offers except for diet, which i don’t drink.

  2. I was relived to find this post because I seriously thought my drink got spiked at my local Taco Bell. I sent my hubby for a late night Tbell run and told him to get my usual + Large Diet Dew. I took a big swig as soon as it came threw the door and bam I was punched in the mouth with what tasted like cheap vodka. I was freaking out due to the fact that I’m a recovering alcoholic. I was ready to hop in the car and go over there until my husband reminded me about the new flavors. If you don’t like the taste of rubbing alcohol I suggest you steer clear of the diet baja blast.

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