Dunkin Donuts New Breakfast Burger


Dunkin Donuts. A fine establishment.

And by fine establishment I mean a place that has thrown consistency right out the fuckin’ drive through window. We all know the old saying. “That guy could fuck up a pot of coffee”. DD has made that quote, their code to live by.

This is why when I venture into this one stop shit shop, I grab the employees by the mindfuck, and make my own menu.

What we see above is my signature Vulgar Breakfast Sandwich. A breakfast burger consisting egg, hash browns, sausage, bacon, ham, all served between a sweet buttery blueberry cake the fuck doughnut.

You’re all welcome.


10 thoughts on “Dunkin Donuts New Breakfast Burger”

  1. I have tried, since their really shitty paninis, to eat every sandwich available on their menu. They’re usually shit, but this … oooooh, this. This sandwich will be eaten. Soon.

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