Mac and Cheese stuffed buns

Macaroni and Cheese stuffed inside some bread, used as buns for a burger…or whatever you might fancy. Just eat these shits by themselves I don’t give a flying fuck.


I went with some microwavable mac n’ cheese because I wasn’t about to make a huge pot just to stuff some shitty bread.

Theres a few tedious steps to create these shits so pay attention.

FIRST you’re going to want to flatten the bread and trim off the crust. This has turned into my signature bread move lately. Really changes up the bread game

IMG_3394IMG_3396 IMG_3398

Next, plop on a decent size pile of mac n’ cheese. You don’t really need a lot here. You’re going to want some room in there so its not busting out the sides playboy.


Next, take some butter or some egg wash, and give the edges a quick brush. I went with butter, egg wash probably would have held a little better when this shit was cooking.


Next, toss on the top and press the edges down with a fork.

IMG_3406 IMG_3408IMG_3410

Butter the top and stick butter side down in a pan, or cook in your oven with the broiler.

Once the top is nice and toasty, flip that shit, butter, and cook the other side.

IMG_3412 IMG_3416 IMG_3414

One those magnificent mac n’ cheese buns are cooked, you’re ready to stuff your fat fuckin’ face.


IMG_3456 IMG_3448

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  1. Reblogged this on Rew Burns Dinners and commented:
    OKAY this is AWESOME!!!!

  2. This is going on my must make list!

  3. This looks bad ass, I dig the moves with the bread too!!!

  4. This is ridiculous. And I mean that as a compliment.

  5. Mmm…I’m thoroughly tempted to try this but just make it a super cheesy mac & cheese pocket sammy Is that so wrong? ;)

  6. How innovative! Love what you did to the bread! People have been stuffing cookie doughs lately, but stuffing breads!! This is a first! Two thumbs up!


  8. Everything you made is awsomeeeee *and make me feel hungry

  9. I love it!!!! Love everything about it!!!!!

  10. Why does the meat part of the burger look like shit?


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