Woman eats doughnut off mans penis – Enjoys


There’s no real story here. The title of this post pretty much sums everything up.


I’m not a huge fan of mixing my pastries with my pubic region, but I have to imagine its a real sticky dick situation.

Cosmopolitan came up with this one.

31 days of hot sex“.

You want hot sex? Have your girl take a dump on your chest. That’s so hot that few dare to try it. Sliding a Krispy Kreme down your mans shaft ain’t exactly hot in my eyes. Like playing some sort of sugary-hairy ring toss. “Pin the doughnut on the cock-stem” if you will.

I’m not one to brag, but the size of the hole in a regular sized doughnut is far too large for my Canadian sausage. I’m more of a Hostess Donette guy, and not the fuckin’ chocolate.


You wanna bring food with you to pound town?


But let’s stick with the classics like whipped cream, chocolate sizzurp, and stepping your bare feet in raw ground beef.


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