Pittsfield man beats woman after she forgets to bring sausage to bed


This is generally the type of behavior spotted at a McDonalds. Customer gets the wrong order, beats the shit out of the employee.

However, this is also nothing out of the ordinary for Pittsfield, MA. For those of you who have never had the pleasure of visiting Pittsfield, I’ll sum it up for you in one word….


What we have here is breakfast in bed gone wrong.

Let that sink in for a minute.

I can see someone’s meal being served wrong at a busy Denny’s at 4am on a Saturday morning…but this was at home. You’re going from the kitchen to the bedroom. Very little room to fuck up, and this breakfast barbarian nailed it.

Fritz Simeon asked his bae for breakfast with sausage. When she failed to show up with sausage, he threw his plate to the floor in a classic drunkin dad style, called her names, and proceeded to cut himself to make it look as if it was self defense.

I really wish I was more excited about this story, but like I said its Pittsfield. This shit is as common as a traffic violation in other towns.

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