Would you eat human meat?


We have all had the drunken convo. Would you eat some fuckin’ human meat if you could? My answer….hell yeah. There is such a wide variety of human it ain’t even funny. Maybe you would like some obese human. Maybe one of these crossfit idiots would taste good. After figuring that out you are then plagued with the next question. What part of the body, and how will you cook it? I would definitely stay away from the feet just because fuck that. I’m mostly thinking some smoked lats or even braised triceps. Maybe even get exotic and try that little area on the backside of your knee. I’m not saying I’m going head out and start chopping people up for taste tests, but I would donate my body in the name of culinary science to let some mother fuckers munch me down after I have passed.

What’s everyone else’s thought on this? Are you guys on the Jeffrey Dahmer train to flavor town?

6 thoughts on “Would you eat human meat?”

  1. The meat of any animal that’s healthy and not naturally poisonous would be fair game. I’ll admit I’d thought about what “long pork” might taste like….especially more recently with Thomas Harris’s novels and the hit series “Hannibal” currently running on TV. (“Eat the rude”…lol!) There would probably be discernable differences in taste and consistency among humans as there are among beef or pork, depending on what type of diet they were fed and how/where they were raised…for example, kobe beef in Japan vs. black angus in the US. As for what part, probably the belly because that’s where you’d get BACON! 😉 Although what might be a concern for me is that we humans are pill-pushed and shot up with so many medications all our lives that I’d be more worried about the effects those additives might have than about the type of meat itself.

  2. I would have liked to munch the fuck out of Einstein’s brain and see if that helped me in my academic endeavors. There’s really only one thing anyone would be allowed to eat on me, and I don’t have to die for that to happen. Though I totally respect giving up your body for culinary advancements.

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