Drunken Bacon Bourbon Banana Bread

Some people get drunk and go bananas. I get drunk and go banana bread.

Bacon bourbon banana bread with some nuts in there too…because who gives a shit.

This shit is the cows moo. We’ve made this at the house a few times now and we just keep adding shit to it. The bourbon gives the bread a nice sweet flavor. The few times we have done this we went with a banana free mixture, because I don’t have time to sit around and watch bananas fuckin’ rot.

Basically just follow the directions right off the box…cut the water in half and use bourbon for the other half, and throw whatever the fuck you want in this bitch.

Enjoy fuckers!


IMG_4099         IMG_4100 IMG_4104IMG_4103

IMG_4105IMG_4106 IMG_4102IMG_4101IMG_4107


7 thoughts on “Drunken Bacon Bourbon Banana Bread”

  1. Perfect! Friends think I’m nuts putting bacon in banana bread, but how can you go wrong with that name – Baconana bread? And the suggestion about peanut butter?!?! Tits!

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