Taco Bell sauces available in bottle


Well it’s about god damn time.

Taco Bell has finally manned the fuck up and put it’s delicious sauces in drinkable sized bottles. The bottles cost about a buck and a half and are labeled with the ever so familiar sayings.

TB has really been knocking it out of the park lately. First with the introduction of 5 new drink flavors, second making Baja Blast available in bottles, and now this fucking shit.

I love TB, but what I really love is showing up to their house and filling my pockets with packets. I fuck around with a lot of sauces and TB is at the top of the list. Salsa Verde? Fuck yeah.

Whats next? Fiesta Potatoes available in your local grocers freezer section? Don’t fuckin toy with me.


Move over Walmart, Taco Bell is destined to be the new grocery store gangster.

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