Sam Adams beer is terrible.



Fuck Sam Adams. That shit sucks. I had a good friend, @bostonbeerguy do me a solid and explain for us just why Samuel Adams sucks.


Why sam Adams is terrible beer.
I get it, Sam Adams is a staple in Boston. The problem is that craft beer is evolving at such a fast pace it’s hard to even give Samuel Adams a genuine acknowledgment. There’s just entirely too much going on right now in the beer world. Don’t get me wrong, if I’m going to a party, cookout, tail gate where everyone is going to steal my beer than ya, I’m going with Sam. But it’s now 2014 and anyone who cares to argue that Sam Adams is a headlining Craft Beer maker must be living in a cave. New England has some of the most innovative Brewers in the world IE: Trillium, Tree House, Slumbrew, NightShift, Idle Hands to name a few. Sam Adams is a great Beer, one of the beers I thought was “craft” growing up but it seems the smaller brewers are pushing the big companies out. I don’t mind it, in fact I love it. Give your money to small brewers, ya know, the ones making beer AFTER they work a 9-5. The ones who employ their wives, family, close friends an post pictures of their latest brew with their infant or dog… Those are the ones I will be supporting. I know some of you might say “Well how do you think companies like Sam Adams got to where they are today?” They got to where they are today by people like US supporting Local Craft Beer and spreading the word; Loving what we are a part of.

4 thoughts on “Sam Adams beer is terrible.”

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  3. Boston Brewing Company (aka Sam Adams) is nothing but a large mega brewer. They are so freaking petty that the forced a small local start up brewer to no longer call his brewery “Fezziwig’s Brewing” since they claimed it would cause confusion with their seasonal beer “Old Fezziwig”

    Fezziwig is a character from the novel A Christmas Carol created by Charles Dickens. This name cannot and is not trademarked by Boston Brewing. They just had some troll in legal trying to justify their job, but strong arming a guy who has a 100 gallon system and only sells out of his brewery. I will never again drink a Sam Adams beer and encourage others to stop drinking their lousy beer.

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