6 year old boy punched and forced to eat hot dog-carrot-oil shakes




A six-year-old boy was starved, beaten and only fed gruesome hot dog, carrot and oil ‘shakes’ by his abusive parents, prosecutors have claimed. dailymail.co.uk

I can be sure this little prick had the audacity to not even thank his parents for supper.

Child abuse isn’t funny…but a hot dog milkshake is. You know what I had to eat every day growing up? Dry as fuck chicken cooked 900000 different ways. You ever have something cooked 900000 different ways and they all fuckin’ suck? I would have killed for a hot dog carrot and vegetable oil super shake.

“Christopher Sefton, and his wife Lori Lloyd allegedly abused the boy for month”

I mean are those even real peoples names? Lori Lloyd? Fuck outta here with this shit.

On occasion these cats withheld food from this little punk, forcing him to dig through the school trash and steal lunches from other kids. It’s funny because those are actually two of my high school signature moves. If your locker was unlocked and there was a lunch sitting in that bitch you can bet as fuck that shit was mine. There were days where I could easily have up to 9 lunches….so for this kid to complain about a few corn dog milkshakes if just fuckin’ selfish. I mean I didn’t dig through the trash but you can bet your tits if someone was throwing something away they were throwing it away in my back pack.

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