Win money using fast food? Hell yeah.

Want to win a 100$ Visa Gift card? Want to get fat in the fucking process? Fuck yeah you do.


Introducing the Royal Flush Burger Competition. Whats a Royal Flush Burger? A Royal Flush Burger is a burger constructed with different items from any fast food joints of your choice. Mine consists of Fiesta Potatoes from Taco Bell, a Whopper Jr. from BK, a McChicken from McDonald’s, and Wendy’s Chili w/ saltine fuck crackers.




SO…here’s the low down.


– Hit the fast food joints in your hood

-Make a big shitty RFB

-Take a DECENT picture of that shit

-email it to,or Post it on your INSTAGRAM account and use the hashtag “#RoyalFlushBurger” and rage “@thevulgarchef” on the actual picture


I will let the contest run for a few weeks and I will pick the best fucking one and send the winner a $100 Visa Gift Card.


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