How to stuff food.

Stuffing food with other food is the condom-less fuck stain on the back seat of your Kia. People have been stuffing food for centuries. Hitler was known for stuffing his schnitzel with other chopped up schnitzels. Abraham Lincoln carried a chicken stuffed steak in that shitty stovepipe hat. Jesus himself was known for stuffing peoples minds full of lies and stories.

These are all facts.

Among those greats, there is a man who is what I would consider to be the Kim Kardashians butthole of the food stuffing game. You just have to have a taste despite knowing whats in there.

That man goes by the Instagram name, @timboass.

I dont know Mr. Boass on a personal level, but judging from his Instagram account the fucker can cook some shit. Cheeseburger pasta, Pei Mussels and Habenero Ginger Peach wings to name a few more. It appears all this fool has is an instagram account. Would be nice if he stepped his game up and started a shitty blog like the rest of us so we could get some recipes.



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