REVIEW: Bone Lee’s Original Gourmet Hot Sauce



I’m a sauce guy. Pretty sure we’ve been over this before. You know what I hate? A hot sauce with no fucking flavor. Take your shitty as fuck ghost pepper hot as fuck for no reason hot sauce and shove it in your cock hole.

Last week I received a sauce from Bone Lee and I instantly knew it was going to be a bad ass fuck your mother hot sauce. I knew this just by looking at dude on the label. Guy’s presence screams Ill kick your ass and fuck your wife while you film.

The sauce itself is legit. Nice heat up front that doesn’t linger too long.Great flavor. Nice blend of whatever spices ol’ Bone Lee fucked this sauce up with.

Stop buying shitty brand name grocery store hot sauces. There’s like 9 billion small hot sauce companies doing big things. People who make their own hot sauces are passionate and you can usually taste that shit in the sauce. People who make their own sauces love to talk hot sauce. They love sending samples to people that get a hard cock for a good sauce. I’ve been sent shitty sauces. Shitty sauces get shitty reviews.

No shitty review here. This sauce is fucking fire. I hope its eventually available by the gallon. Ill cover my wife with it and throw slices of bologna at her to see how many I can get to stick.

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