REVIEW: Party Armor


As if I needed an excuse to get drunk as fuck. “Hey Kyle, we would like to send you some samples of a product that helps with a shitty fucking hangover”

I get hungover as fuck. To the point where all I can really do is lay in bed with a boner and drink more. The folks at Party Armor we’re kind enough to send me a box of Protection & Recovery.

Sooooo I got drunk. Which was going to happen regardless of trying out a product. I mean, I got really drunk. Like hit your dog drunk. The kind of drunk where you wake up in your dads bed and he’s chill with it.

Before bed I guzzled down the protection. The bottle clearly states that it will help defend against headaches, fatigue, and nausea. Which is cool because I hate all three of those fucking things more than I hate kale chips. The taste is alright. Nothing to write home about, but its not awful.

The morning hit me in the face like a ton of dicks. I was feeling it a little so I hit the Recovery and like 10 minutes later I was jacked the fuck up. This thing is loaded with all sorts of vitamins and shit. Im not going to say I didn’t still have a hangover but I didn’t feel like a complete bag of shit. I had some energy to move around. I didn’t have to lay in my shower and puke all over myself like every other day.

So did this shit work???

I’d have to say so. I was able to avoid the whole shower puke thing. I had an appetite and I felt good enough to start crushing Busch Latte’s.

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  1. Fucking loved this article, and this fucking product. I hate waking up feeling like a just got cock slapped 10 fucktillion times in a row.

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