Marijuana Infused Chicken


On my recent trip to the motherland, I had the privilege of landing myself inside of Montreal’s most legit fucking dive bar, BARFLY.
The bartender Amanda was rad as fuck and informed me of her friends blog, MOOK-LIFE. She told me dude has a recipe for some marijuana butter infused chicken fuck you tenders. I needed to know more.
Upon Google investigation, the tenders were injected with the weed butter, soaked in what looks like butter milk and spices, and dredged in a bunch of cocaine or some shit.
Here’s what the chef had to say about his cooking process…


We talked for a while about how to do this. I did my research and injection was the best way to not overheat the THC so mooks could get high from the shit. At first, Brudder wanted to fry the chicken in weed oil, which would have burned off the THC, then we talked about stuffing in the weed butter kiev-style, which would not have been fried chicken, so I’m smart (and a really good cook). Street and mook-tested perfection




I like how science was used. You don’t want to cook the chicken at too high of a temp because it would have cooled off all that wonderful fucking THC…and you would then just have boring as fuck chicken, and that shit sucks a chicken cock.



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  1. Shades of the late-1960’s/early-70’s college days when we used to make hash brownies. 🙂 High Times published a cannabis cookbook, and there are several others for medical marijuana too. Also check out the Stoner Cookbook’s website for a great simple recipe to make cannabutter, would be great for this chicken recipe!

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