Jambalaya Stuffed Beignets



Nick from DudeFoods.com Lost a bet a while back to Jess (who upon further investigation is an absolute smoke show) from BurgerMary.com and was forced to write a New Orleans Themed blog post for losing like a fucking sucker! If you ask me, I think nick won in the long run because he created some fuckin magic as he normally does.

Im a huge sucker for cajun, creole, souther style cooking. Tons of flavor, tons of spice, stick to your ribs shit. Im a drunk and this type of food fuels me for the 15 hour shifts I put in with my good friends Busch Light.

For his post, Nick created some¬†Jambalaya Stuffed Beignets. Im not sure if I have ever heard the word “beignets” before, but thats because I’m a hack and only know what Guy Fieri has taught me about cooking. Nick froze the Jambalaya mixture in an ice cube that (solid fucking move) for a few hours, then wrapped them with the beignet dough. Deep fried those cock suckers and hit them with powdered because he wasn’t fucking driving. If you’re looking to read more about Nicks loss like a loser, or a more detailed recipe, MAKE SURE TO CHECK OUT HIS FANTASTIC FUCKING SITE!¬†

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