Bacon Fried Oreo’s



If your social media news feed hasn’t already been plagued with links to write up’s for these bacon fried Oreo’s, you’re social media-ing all sorts of fucking wrong.  Amy Erickson, from OH, Bite It!, is at it again with another one of her fantastic fucking creations.

Now, I’ve been following OH, Bite It since before I had tit hair. Amy’s creations defy all sorts of gravity and science. Well, maybe not, but she’s a fucking genius in my eyes. She should be the next presidential candidate and have at least 8 nobel peace prizes under her fucking belt.

While we’re here, lets get all hard in the pants over some of her previous creations.





Her track record speaks for itself. Just look at this shit. This is the kind of shit that makes you sweat like Casey Anthony in a fucking nursery. Make sure you’re following homegirl on Twitter and Like her FACEBOOK PAGE!

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