McDonald’s Introduces Hipster Hamburglar



McDonald’s has a one way ticket on the struggle bus to Fuck Off City these days. The closing of hundreds of stores, kale for breakfast, and now a skinny pant wearing, I stole hamburgers before stealing hamburgers was cool messenger bag toting fucking hipster. 

Now, not only is your double cheeseburger with extra pickles extra onions not safe, but you’ll have to keep close guard on your PBR and take note of the lurking bearded winter hat in the summer time wearing cocksucker floating around your local McDonald’s.

As if things weren’t already bad enough for the almighty McDonald’s, they buried themselves even deeper with the addition of this I’m so uncool I’m cool fruit cake. Trench coat. You know who wears trench coats? Kid diddlers. Even Ronald himself wouldn’t fuck around with this pose-dog.

Fuck you Hipstburglar.

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