Ramen Hoagie Roll



Lets clear something up for a minute. This is not a hoagie. It’s a grinder. It’s always been a grinder. It will always be a grinder. Its not a sub. Its not a hero, or a fucking wedge…

Its a grinder, and grinders are wicked good.

I’m not really sure how this thing flew under my radar, but between running a crummy blog and being a major participant on a unhealthy amount of hub sites I guess anything is possible.

This comes to us from Grubstreet. The ingenuity is fucking righteous. Ramen Cooked over a fucking bottle of Moet.

The recipe is pretty simple. Egg, Japanese Potato Starch and Ramen.

Doesn’t make much sense for me to sit here and type their recipe when you can just visit the page and get it for your fucking self.




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