Burger King’s Halloween Whopper: A Colorful Experience?



This week after the launch of Burger Kings Halloween Whopper, news broke that the celebratory burger was leaving people feeling a little green, specifically in the toilet.

The #GreenPoop hashtag blew the up across all social media outlets with claims that the special edition burger was filling toilet bowls with neon green bowel movements across the country.

Naturally, I took to my Instagram family with a picture of one the of the burgers I had purchased to get some feedback:



Special shoutout to july78_, I love when someone tells me I’m going to poop some shit.

Even celebrity chef Sunny Anderson was intrigued as to what the outcome would be:


I made it a point to eat this at work, mainly because the lighting in my work bathroom is better than at my house, and I would be able to get a better shot of the green shit that I left.

I was going to post a picture of my actual shit, but I realized that’s a little below my standards and a little above my pay grade. I’m more of a-make fun of a young girl for being fat or telling you having a food allergy makes you a fucking loser-type of person.



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