Foodie Feature: @foodbabyny

This weeks foodie feature is New York City’s cutest and craziest food loving little pimp, My little buddy Matty, aka FOODBABY.

I had the pleasure of meeting dude and his security guards a few months back at a menu tasting in the city. I’m not sure if its a New York thing, but little Matty seemed to be more focused with getting my phone out of my pocket and taking off down the street. Jumped by a fuckin’ toddler outside a chicken finger joint. ‘Merica

Anyways, here are some of my favorite photos of the little dude right off the instagram situation. Kicking it off is a little photo of me and dude getting down and talking fruit ninja talk.



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Does your Instagram account rock the foodie cock? Get at me and maybe ill feature your shitty little fuckin’ page!

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