Kellogg’s to Add Maple Bacon Pop-Tarts to Their Roster


Kellogg’s has a long history of being the best breakfast food around. Eggo’s, Pringles, Frosted the fuck flakes. I could sit here and get all sorts of dick hard naming their products, but I’m here to talk about their Maple Bacon Pop-Tarts.


According to ABC13, Kellogg’s unveiled the new flavor last week at a food show in Tennessee.

Lets take a timeout for a second. There was a food show in Tennessee..and I wasn’t fucking invited?

The Pop-Tart is said to have a maple bacon filling, with salty-smokey flavored the fuck sprinkles on top. In addition to the maple bacon breakfast squares, Kellogg’s will also be releasing a Pink Lemonade flavor, and a watermelon flavor….but we’re just going to pretend like they’re fucking with us.

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