Make Yourself a Marijuana Philly Cheesesteak



Pot brownies and smoking  joints are for your fucking grandparents. Not like, your grandparents that are fucking…but like…your grandparents that are fuckers.


I’m not what most would consider a “pot head”, but I enjoy filling my lungs with THC and having a laugh about something that’s not really that funny. I also enjoy eating when I’m “stoned out of my fuck of a mind”, so naturally this recipe speaks to me.

Caught wind of this fart a few weeks ago when 7deadlymag posted the fuck out of it. 

The recipe basically asks that you add some weed butter to the cheese sauce your making. This should honestly be the first and last step of the recipe. Fuck the whole steak and bread bullshit. A few solid gulps of the cheese sauce down your throat to knock your cock in the rocks should do the trick.

If the recipe is something you’re interested in, CLICK HERE.

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