Food Blogger Starves to Death Trying to get Instagram-Worthy Photo

Sad news coming to us out of Southern California today. A young girl has apparently starved to death while trying to capture an Instagram worthy photo of her California roll.


23 year old Mahlong Fagina, self proclaimed Kim Kardashian of the food blogging scene in San Diego and operator of, starved to death at a local sushi spot during her extensive photo upload.

“It was way too many things to try and upload to at once” says friend, and operator of, Jessuca Dic. “Yelp, Twitter, Facebook, foursquare, WordPress, urbanspoon, trip advisor, blogger and  Instagram. She only had an iPhone 5 and we didn’t even have 3G where we were.”

“I tried to reason with her. She just kept insisting her 11k followers and 2k monthly blog visitors needed to know what she was eating.” Ms. Dic told us

“People don’t understand the scrutiny us food bloggers are subject to. We are constantly being judged on our photo quality and how much cheese is or is not on our food.” Says Dic.

Restaurant waitress, Seetonmy Face, told us “it was rearry srange. She kept aksing to be moved fo bettah righting, but it was dark outside.” 

Maholngs mother, Mahlonger Fagina, told us that a few weeks prior to her death Mahlong had spun into a deep depression after failing to reach 100 likes on an Instagram photo of her Starbucks Vanilla Carmel Chai Tea Espresso Frothed Vente Soy Mocha Latte

“She would just sit there repeatedly hitting the like button, but all it was doing was liking and un-liking the photo.” Her mother told us. “At one point she even started to make new Instagram accounts just to go and like her photo. This didn’t last long as she quickly cracked under the pressure of having to enter a new captcha every time she signed up”

In an act of shameless self promotion, Jessuca has since launched a new site called, where foodies can upload links to photos that haven’t garnished the likes they had been hoping for, and other foodies in the same situation can trade photo likes.

“This whole situation could have been avoided had Mahlong just received enough likes on her Starbucks Vanilla Carmel Chai Tea Espresso Frothed Vente Soy Mocha Latte. It’s not like it was a bad photo. Yeah the lighting was off a bit, and she went with the Gingham filter when she maybe should have went with Ludwig or maybe even Mayfair and, uh, Oh yeah! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and SnapChat -@NoFoodiePhotoLeftBehind”

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