Man in Food Coma After Taking More Thanksgiving Food Than He Can Handle


DAYTON, OH – An Ohio man has slipped himself into a deep food coma on a reclining chair after failing to know his limits with his turkey dinner.

Jason “Uncle Mooly” Scaponi slipped into a deep food coma in his Aunt Adalina’s foyer on top of a bench she usually just stacks coats on after failing to conquer his thanksgiving dinner.

“I didn’t know what he was doing. His plate was half full before he even made it to the green bean casserole. He hadn’t even made it to the mashed potatoes yet and 3/4 of his plate was piled with two types of stuffing; classic & oyster. He was just filling his plate too fast” a family member told us.

” lI told him it was alright to put some of the dinner rolls back. He just chuckled and unbuckled his belt” his Mother says.

“Think about the leftover turkey dinner sandwiches we are going to eat later” his son, Gino, said as he pleaded with him to lighten the load.

By the time time Uncle Mooly had made it to the table, everyone was already comfortably seated, but the table was one of those huge-awkward ‘we only bring this table out for thanksgiving’ tables that’s stuffed in a congested corner of a room, so when one person wants to get up everyone on that side has to get up. So everyone had to get up to let him get to his seat. Huge inconvenience for everyone.

A few close family friends that are not actually family but show up uninvited to thanksgiving dinner with nothing every year had this to say:

“It was crazy. After eating he looked like a grizzly that had been shot with a fuckin’ tranq dart. I literally thought his stomach was going to pop and the room would look like the food fight scene from the movie Hook.”

We were later told Uncle Mooly eventually came out of his food coma  and celebrated with an amicable amount of tummy rubbing and groaning.

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