A 48 Nugget Bucket? I Think so.

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Today is a special day. We’ve all been there. 2 nuggets away from polishing off a twenty piece. Cotton mouth as fuck, thinking to ourselves “wish I had 30 more nuggets to fuckin’ merc”

Well wish no more. Today is the day that McDonald’s Japan will begin serving their 48 nugget buckets in collaboration with Japanese pop group, NGT48.

I know at one point McDonald’s offered a 50 piece nugget, and I was in a section of Chicago that I shouldn’t have been in one time, and I’m pretty sure I saw a 100 piece nugget in the fucking menu.

The buckets will go for roughly $14.69 American, which is about $0.30 a nugget so that ain’t half fuckin’ bad. However, round trip to Japan is about $2000 so now you’re looking at about $42 a nugget, which still ain’t fuckin’ bad.

Now that we’ve solved the nuggets/bucket issue, how about a bucket of fuckin’ fries?!?





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