Watch This -Model Turned Competitive Eater- Eat Scorpions Just Because






Nela Zisser, former model turned competitive eater loves her food. Whether she’s inhaling subs, burgers, burritos, or in this case, scorpions, homegirl has my support.

Its always nice when you hear about a model giving up the on the purging, anorexia, and constant fear of not living up to society’s prefect vision of a woman and just say “fuck it, I’m going to eat food on a competitive level.”

I’m not exactly sure what’s competitive about eating scorpions other than the fact that they’re some ragged ass looking little fucking creations. I’ve always said I’d like to try me some scorpion or even a fried tarantula or some shit, but there’s not really a huge market for that kind of shit where I live, here in the hometown of volleyball.

Anyways, here’s a video of her eating 10 scorpions and drinking some delicious looking pink drink. My favorite part is about a minute in when one of the scorpions tails is sticking out of her mouth and up that cute little nose of hers.

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