Roll Your Blunts & Joints With These Gold Rolling Papers



In a world full of dabs, wax, drops, dips, g-pens, pops or whatever the fuck these kids are smoking these days its nice to see someone still going in on the classic joint/blunt smoking procedure.

I wouldn’t consider myself a “pot head” but I’ve been known to smoke most days throughout the day. There was the gravity bong keeping me going throughout high school…along with 6 foot bong rips, old school vaporizers, gas masks, steam rollers, and basically any other way I could transfer THC directly to my fucking lungs. If I could attach a socket to it I could smoke out of it.

The world of toking is a magical thing here in 2015, almost 2016, and we now have gold rolling papers and tattooed blunts courtesy of Shine Papers

The papers burn about as slow as Gilbert Grape and leave you with an abundance of golden ash, also known as “the gems” all over the fucking place. The gold is the same edible gold you might see Barefoot Contessa layer over a fucking chicken taco so its totally safe.

The papers (12 pack) will run you about $60 American dollars and are available through the Shine Papers website.

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