Bacon Wrapped Deep Fried Poutine is Here to Save The Day


For those of you reading this that have never had the pleasure of having a poutine (yes, you have “a poutine” and not “some poutine”) I’m going to try my best right now to describe how good a poutine is to both my male and female demographics.


You’re doing the dirty with a lady friend. She’s on top. You guys are chest to chest. you wrap your arms around hers, latch on to her shoulders,  summon the thrusting power of fucking satan and take her to never never land. Then the next day you give yourself a tug and relive the whole thing all over again. That’s how good a poutine is.


You’ve been using the same ratty mascara for 3 years and finally bought a new one. That’s how good a poutine is.

When it comes to doing things with stuff and stuff with things, my good friends JP and Julia who run HellthyJunkFood are blowjobs in a room full of terrible hand-jobs. They’re going to take you to climax and beyond, and they further prove that again this week with their recipe for a deep fried bacon wrapped poutine.

Peer the video below. Make sure you check out their YouTube channel and let them know who the fuck sent you there!

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