Bloody Mary Beef Jerky.

Jess Pryles. Australian. Meat lover. Anti-vegan associate. Hardcore Carnivore.(her signature spice)

On top of all this?

An absolute knockout.


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Jess is the American Dream. Well, the Australian-American Dream. Grilling, Meat, Whiskey & Bourbon. Nothing will make you want to rub your own meat more than watching a woman that knows how to rub hers. (Giggity)

Jess’s blog is littered with all sorts of meat-fuckery & grilling know-how. Whether you’re looking to perfect your reverse sear, or whip up a batch of chicken fried cheese sticks she’s got you covered.

She’s also got you covered if you’re looking to Bloody Mary-the fuck out of some beef jerky.


This is the part of the blog post where we leave my blog and head on over to Jess’s site so she can walk you through the Bloody Mary jerky process!

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