Still Plenty of Summer Left to Build Yourself a Beer Fountain

The end of summer is closing in on us which means there is only so much time left to poison our livers under the hot ball of fire in the sky.

When it comes to Red Neck innovation, Steve Jessup is the Steven Jobs of hillbilly ingenuity. Beer Cap Clocks, Porta Potty Deer Stands, Keg Baby Stroller…and the fucking BEER FOUNTAIN.


Steve is what most would consider father material. The guy can clearly handle his booze, loves women, and enjoys the greens given to us by mother earth. Recently Steve flexed his hillbilly cerebellum and walked the world through the process of building a legit as fuck beer fountain. All you need are a few kiddie swimming pools, some buckets, a lot of fucking beer, and a pump. Steve says the whole project should take roughly a 12 pack so pony the fuck up and get down the the liquor store

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