First We Feast calls out Buzzfeed for ripping off recipes…after doing it themselves

Well folks the pack of cunt parade is back in town, and this time leading the fuckin’ thing are the recipe pillaging fucktards at

Now let me just say I dig First We Feast. Love the Hot Ones videos with that little Napoleon dude. Quality material. I know they’ve featured my trash in the past and I’m grateful for that.

What I don’t dig is First We Feast dropping an article about how Buzzfeed rips off recipes….a fucking month after First We Feast clearly ripped off my girl Natasha from…a bit of the pot calling the kettle black..or as I like to say…the cocks calling the prick a dick.

LEFT: FWF Mozzarella Squares posted August 3rd, 2016

RIGHT: Mozzarella & Marinara shots January 13, 2016


I’ll be honest. I didn’t read the article from FWF about Buzzfeed being a total ripoff because it’s news we’ve known now for fucking months. Welcome to the party FWF. You’re fucking late, all the beers gone, and the only girls left to fuck are the fat chicks that no one wanted to give a ride home.

The only reason I’m really weighing in on this, other than the fact that I’m a trolling cunt, is that I helped throughtheeyesofmybelly get going. Had my people build her a site. Helped her with photo/video editing. Talked to my good friends at FOODBEAST (who aren’t recipe cock jerking cunts) to let them know about homegirl and her recipe madness to help get her some exposure. Hell, I even pay her web hosting fees because that’s the kind of cock I am.

But at the end of the day what can you really do. As I sit here shirtless with my man tits sagging typing this post on an outdated iPhone I have to ask myself….is all of this back and forth about who ripped off who worth my fucking time? Is it worth getting my tits in a twist over? If I don’t say something who the fuck will?

I guess its my duty as an internet food-troll/cunt to step up and fight for us little people down here in the food blogging battlefield.

If someone is jerking the cock of your blogs recipes and you need someone to go to battle for you….drop me an email.

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