Pizza Stuffed Pizza…With Pizzas on Top


We’ve all seen the pizzas with mini pizzas on top, and the pizza cake has played its role in American history. A few months back I myself even topped a pizza with bagel bites…

because that’s all I fucking had for toppings.

I wanted to creat something a little more fundamental this week. I’m not really sure what fundamental means, but a pizza stuffed with a pizza with pizzas on top seems fundamental to me.

All you need for this fuckin’ banger is a couple of pizza doughs, a cooked frozen pizza, some cheese, sauce, and mini pizzas.

IMG_3850_Fotor IMG_3906_Fotor IMG_3898_Fotor IMG_3895_Fotor IMG_3879_Fotor IMG_3873_Fotor

Buffalo Chicken Mac ‘n Cheese Quesadilla-Pizza. Quesapizza?



Pizza and quesadillas. Like OJ Simpson & Nicole Brown these two were just meant for each other.

Instead of making your standard issue quesadilla, I stuck some mac ‘n cheese and buffalo chicken between layers of flour tortilla. I’m actually not really sure that this classifies as a quesadilla, but this is my fucking fairy tale I’ll tel it how I want.

The prep/execution is pretty self explanatory just from the picture, but I know some of you will somehow have fucking questions.

So here you go.

Little bit of vegetable oil in a hot pan. Crisp up both side of 3 flour tortillas. Build your ‘pizzadilla’ just as I did in the video and bake in the oven.

It actually held up much better than I thought it would. It was able to be eaten just like a slice of pizza. Thought there was a good chance it was gonna end up a fuckin muck soggy mess.

IMG_2547 IMG_2552


Pizza Burger Mozzarella Stick

I’m not sure that its actually stuffed with pizza, but the whole thing is pretty much a pepperoni pizza minus the fucking dough.


4 by 4




Doritos Crust Pizza

If you don’t like Doritos you’re either a terrorist or a fucking asshole. They can do no wrong. Cool Ranch? Jacked Street Taco? Suck my fucking cock clean off my body.

I could have went with any flavor but I wanted to kick it old school and go with the OG Dorito. At first I actually thought that I might try to make an actual “dough” with the Doritos. Cut half the flour from a pizza dough recipe and replace with crushed Doritos. It started to sound like a lot of fucking work and I’m a lazy pile of shit.

So I crushed the Doritos up and mixed them with like 5 egg yolks. Thought about adding some parmesan cheese to the mix and I probably should have. The Doritos crust held together pretty good but could have used something else to act as a binding agent.





The Pizzanini



The Pizzanini. Also known as the two shitty $0.99 pizzas from the dollar store with three $0.99 chicken parmesan meals from the dollar store, stuffed in a panini maker.

You can really go in any direction when you’re using two shit house pizzas as a vessel to transport food into your fat fucking mouth. I played around with the idea of a crummy frozen salisbury steak meal, but that was just a little too fucked up… even for me. Then I thought maybe one of those shitty fried chicken & mashed potato meals. I ended up settling on the chicken parmesan. Keep this shit Italian as fuck, or something.