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Leftover Pizza Club Burger Fuck You Sandwich

I finally found a use for all those pesky leftover pizza slices. Make a Ron Jeremy cock sized leftover sandwich…or some shit. I had a leftover combo pizza and some spicy sausage from The Russell Inn and decided to make a fuck your life sandwich for breakfast. Had some freezer burned burgers in the freezer… [Continue Reading]

Ramen Meatballs..or something

    SOURCE: I stumbled across this recipe a while back when I was thinking about trying to come up with a 100% ball of ramen with some fucking chunks of meat mixed in. Eventually the idea was lost on one of my longs lists of shitty ideas and recipes. I guess it’s actually… [Continue Reading]

[HOW TO] Poutine Doughnut

  My recent trip to Montreal left me inspired, depressed, drunk, horny, pissed and a whole bunch of other fucking feels. I was mostly inspired by the food culture. There was something different on every corner. You know what I have on every corner in my town? A Dunkin fuck you Donuts…but I can’t hate…. [Continue Reading]

Cheesy Bacon Ramen Pops

  This shit’s an idea I have been toying around with while I’m not at my shitty fucking day job. I didn’t know what I wanted to stuff in these cocksuckers. I originally thought mac the fuck, but decided I’ve jerked the mac the fuck cheese dick a little too hard. I also thought spaghetti… [Continue Reading]

What To Do With Those Shitty Thanksgiving Leftovers

Your greasy family has left your temple. Bellies full of your hard work and slaving away in a hot kitchen, while they drink your booze and fart on your fucking furniture. If they aren’t total grease juggernauts they may have left you with some leftovers to fuck around with. Leftover turkey soup? Fuck that. Thanksgiving… [Continue Reading]

The Struggle is Real Lasagna (Romsagna)

If you’re broke as fuck and don’t get paid for being a food blogger like myself and the million other idiots talking about food on the interweb, chances are you can’t afford a decent meal for yourself. You’re the caption and co-piolet of the fuckin’ struggle bus. You shower with dish soap. You wipe your… [Continue Reading]

Doritos Crusted Corn Dog Grilled Cheese

I’m almost positive that eating this sandwich gave me the capability to touch my nipples together. Cheese, Corn Dog, Doritos and Bread. I was going to get real next level with this shitty bitch and use Ramen instead of bread but I decided fuck it. My next decision was should I butter the bread and see… [Continue Reading]

100% Cheese Whoopie Pie

  I was lucky enough to check out the new “cookbook” from Thug Kitchen………………….. Wasn’t a single fucking ramen recipe in that bitch so fuck that. Thug Kitchen? More like the racist wankster cooking show. Theres nothing fucking thug about pumpkin chili. Thats basic bitch soup. This shit pissed me off so much I needed… [Continue Reading]

Bacon Mac Lasagna Because Im Not Fat Enough Yet.

I wanted to create something I gave a fuck about. I wanted to create something all of you would give a fuck about. I wanted bacon and I wanted that shit stacked the fuck up because food tastes better when its stacked. I didn’t want to waste my time with that slut Ricotta, so I… [Continue Reading]

Big Mac n’ Cheese

You know who he is. I know who the fuck he is. Nick from says he was “bored” and decided he wanted a Big Mac fit for a fucking king. He create the Big Mac n’ Cheese So he swapped out that shitty cocksucking sesame seed bun and replaced it with some mac n’… [Continue Reading]